Help participate in our Support sprint, by giving us a few good bugs…

sugarcrmdevelopers —  January 6, 2012 — 4 Comments

Next week we are bringing all of our support and engineering teams out to Cupertino for a different kind of sprint than we usually do. Instead of sprinting to add new functionality or features to the product, we are doing a sprint to address those pesky, annoying bugs and issues that are most often impacting our users.

How can you be a part of this sprint? Tell us your bugs!

We are going spend the first two days of sprint entirely listening to user feedback of the product. We want to hear your pain-points, your struggles, and even those minor annoyances that just drive you crazy. Then, we are going to have our entire engineering and technical teams working on resolutions to those issues, with the goal to get as many of these fixed as possible and roll the fixes back into the product.

So sound off in the comments or message us on Twitter with those bugs you’ve filled in the SugarCRM Bug Tracker that you want us to look at during the support sprint and we’ll try to tackle them during the week.

4 responses to Help participate in our Support sprint, by giving us a few good bugs…


    Hi,  Here’s one for you: 45740

    The system has never been able to properly handle tracking sessions properly – particularly when a user times out rather than logs off specifically. Some of the times users are reported as being online are days too long!

    We hacked a fix for v5 but it’s more complex for v6.


    And another: 48955

    The contract values in contract subpanels are inaccurate if the contract currency is different from USD.


    Would be nice to have nice styled popups created in HTML DOM rather than javascript confirm function. Existing functianallity really annoying. Would be cool if reminder popups will be appeared in right bottom corner like this done in many applications.


    I take it these weren’t looked at then….?

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