SugarUNCon is back, and looking for your ideas

sugarcrmdevelopers —  January 16, 2012 — 6 Comments

After the great success of the SugarUNCon last year, we are bringing it back for the main 2 days at SugarCon 2012 April 23-26. For those there last year, you got a great set of presentations from various Sugar engineers, learning about all sort of topics such as Sugar Logic, External API, Web Services, unit testing, and others. This year, we want to get more participation from our community, and we want to get your ideas on what you’d like to present or what you’d like to see presented. Things that would be good to have include ( but are not limited to )…

  • Something cool you are working on
  • A neat hack development technique
  • An area of the platform you’d like to know more about
  • Anything else the community could help you out with

Please start posting ideas in the comments, and we’ll use this to put together a program for the week.

6 responses to SugarUNCon is back, and looking for your ideas


    I want a nice long discussion on SDLC, ways people are maintaining production+development systems, sync’ing databases and /custom, handling upgrades and backups. I can contribute, but I definitely want to see what everyone else is doing.

    Also, 4 days of Uncon mean no code sprint leading up to SugarCON, right?


    Logistics issues – last year the schedule for SugarUNCon wasn’t always updated in the mobile app for the conference, so you couldn’t always tell what was going on. Or something might have been scheduled for 1:45 but because something else ended early, the 1:45 event started early and was over by the time I got there. And trying to attend SugarUNCon while there are also “official” developer focused sessions is difficult – if there was some way to be able to better integrate SugarUNCon into SugarCon with less conflicts, that would be great.


    Looking forward to ideas on how to get more information about Sugar fields/data types and extending Sugar WS API’s. Also to understand if there is a generic Sugar WSDL which can be used to connect to any Sugar instance, so we can create generic Sugar connectors.

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