HOWTO: Disable the Mozilla Firefox 'telemetry' feature

sugarcrmdevelopers —  January 23, 2012 — 5 Comments

Firefox 7 last year introduced a new feature you could opt-in to called ‘telemetry’, which logs your browser performance on your local machine and sends it back to Mozilla to help them make future versions faster. This is great in the spirit of open source, as you as a Firefox user are contributing to helping them deliver faster and more stable browsing experience. And none of the data is personally identifiable or contains your browsing history, so it’s safe from a privacy standpoint as well.

However, for those of you in an enterprise environment, you may not want to have data sent to Mozilla due to your own privacy or regulatory policies. Thanks to a tip from the Mozilla Enterprise Working Group mailing list, you can set these preferences to disable this feature in Firefox 9:

pref("toolkit.telemetry.prompted", 2);
pref("toolkit.telemetry.rejected", true);
pref("toolkit.telemetry.enabled", false);

If you are using Firefox 7 or 8, use these preferences instead:

pref("toolkit.telemetry.prompted", false);
pref("toolkit.telemetry.rejected", true);
pref("toolkit.telemetry.enabled", false);

This will disable the telemetry feature, and make sure that your users aren’t prompted or able to enable it.

5 responses to HOWTO: Disable the Mozilla Firefox 'telemetry' feature


    How do you do it for version 10? and how do you do it at all… in other words where *exactly* are these settings made or changed. Thanks


    You can also just go to Preferences -> Advanced and uncheck the box for “Submit performance data”.


    Nice ! Great tip ! Thanks for sharing !

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