HOWTO: Add custom Smarty plugins

sugarcrmdevelopers —  January 25, 2012 — 4 Comments

We had a great question come up internally here at Sugar last week:

Is it possible to put custom smarty plugins in custom/include/Smarty/plugins/ and have smarty pick them up or do they need to be in include/Smarty/plugins/?

The answer here is yes! This was a new feature added in Sugar 6.3 and came from our Professional Services team, where Smarty will look for available plugins first in the custom/include/Smarty/plugins directory if it exists, and then in include/Smarty/plugins/. This allows you to not only add new Smarty plugins, but also customize the behavior of the existing ones that ship with Sugar by creating one’s in the custom directory with the same name. Learn more about authoring plugins in the official Smarty documentation.

4 responses to HOWTO: Add custom Smarty plugins


    Very good !!!!! Thanks for the share.


    Great ! Thank you for sharing. I was wondering about this and found it randomly on google. Thanks again!


    How can we create our plugin in sugarcrm .


    In SugarCRM 7 the new location for custom Smarty plugins is:


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