February's Community Webinar will see NEPO systems show off their Sugar enhancements

sugarcrmdevelopers —  February 2, 2012 — 3 Comments

For this month’s webinar, we’ll have SugarCRM partner NEPO Systems on hand. They will be demonstrating a variety of cool enhancements they have made to SugarCRM.  Time permitting the demonstration may include some of these SugarCRM addons they have developed:

  • Chitter – Real Time social collaboration within SugarCRM
  • Real Time Validation – When you save an EditView/QuickEdit why be limited to only validating against on screen elements.  We reach into the backend and can validate against other modules, 3rd party systems, or any other way to validate.
  • Gravatar – December 2011 SugarForge Project of the Month
  • Marketo – Bi-Directional Integration with Marketo, a powerful and easy B2B marketing automation software that helps marketing and sales professionals drive revenue and improve marketing accountability
  • Hide Search Panels – When on the List View, reclaim screen real estate by hiding the Search panel
  • Phone Number Formatting – Tired of seeing all of the phone number in different formats.  Displays phone number in a consistent manner
  • Authorize.Net integration – Charge your Customers directly from within SugarCRM
  • On the fly Sales Brochure Generation – Need to generate information for a particular client, dynamically choose the elements that you wish to have in your presentations and generate in real-time
  • Vacation Requests – Request Time Off from within SugarCRM, including routing and approvals
  • Real Time Inventory Tracking – When a Quote is Closed Won. The Inventory in the Product Catalog

As always, the community webinars are open to the community as a whole. You can join the meeting February 15th at 11:00am US Eastern Time on WebEx at https://sugarcrm.webex.com/sugarcrm/j.php?ED=152787562&UID=492952802&RT=MiMxMQ%3D%3D. Look forward to seeing everyone there!

3 responses to February's Community Webinar will see NEPO systems show off their Sugar enhancements


    John — the date of the event is February 15th


    I just found a thread in he forums that led me here but -Darn- I missed it, is there a recorded version??  And encore perhaps?

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