SugarCRM Module Bare-bone Manifest File

sugarcrmdevelopers —  February 21, 2012

For our ongoing projects, sometimes we need to upload customizations to key files that don’t necessarily invoice creating new modules or fields. They’re just code changes. I’ve been using and re-using this manifest.php for such situations for a few months now and it seems to work nicely.

When I need it, I copy the file from an old module and paste it into my current directory. I adjust the description, name (PSI for Profiling Solutions, and the year-month-dayofmonth), published date* and id (same as the name). Install defs is set to copy everything from the package’s custom/ directory into the SugarCRM custom directory, overwriting whatever is there along the way.

It’s quick and clean, ideal for ongoing projects. I’ll have several packages kept in the SugarCRM root directory of the project, each directory and modularized ZIP named the same as $manifest [‘name’] for quick identification.

$manifest = array (
	'acceptable_sugar_versions' => array (),
	'acceptable_sugar_flavors' => array(),
	'author' => 'Profiling Solutions, Inc.',
	'description' => 'adjust quote-to-opp conversion and updates',
	'icon' => '',
	'is_uninstallable' => true,
	'name' => 'PSI_20120120',
	'published_date' => '2012-01-20 10:05:57',
	'type' => 'module',
	'version' => '1.0',
$installdefs = array(
	'id' => 'PSI_20120120',
	'copy' => array (
		array (
			'from' => '<basepath>/custom',
			'to' => 'custom',

* Full disclosure: Sometimes I only adjust the date part of published_date, and don’t even touch the time portion! We rarely upload more than one package in a day so I get away with it. Scroll back to the top.