HOWTO: Add items on the admin screen

sugarcrmdevelopers —  February 23, 2012 — 1 Comment

Came across this great post on the forums recently:


I am new to SugarCrm . Can anyone see my problem and help me out from it.

I am building a custom module using PHP code.On installing the module , i want its two parts

i.e – front end and back end (for some configurations)

I am able to create the front end.But for back end, i need those configurations settings to be displayed

in administration module. (Where users, sugar connect, email,system etc settings are displayed in admin).
Like other settings , a need a tab for my module settings.

How can i make them display there.As Code does not allow me to edit another PHP file i.e module/Administration/metadata/adminpaneldefs.php

Please reply me asap . Any help would be appreciated.

Coming to the rescue here was one of our most active Sugar Community member, salesagility posted that you could easily do this by adding a new PHP file in the custom/Extension/modules/Administration/Ext/Administration directory with the following contents ( customized to fit your use case of course ):

$admin_option_defs = array();
$admin_option_defs['Administration']['the_name'] = array(
    'Link Name',
    'Link Description',
$admin_group_header[] = array(
    'Name of tab',
    'description of tab'

Then you can do a Quick Rebuild and Repair and the new admin option should appear.

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