Tracker which modules your users are using in SugarCRM

sugarcrmdevelopers —  March 16, 2012

So you’ve got SugarCRM, but don’t know how to track how well it’s being used by your company, and to see who is using which modules? Inside Sugar there are tracking facilities which enable you to drill down into the specific areas your users are going. So let’s take a look.

So how do we do it?
Well, firstly log in as an admin.

– Browse to Admin
– Click on Tracker

Make sure that Tracking is enabled, as shown in the screenshot below. Click Save to to continue.

Now we want to generate a report.

– Click on Reports
– Select the Trackers module

Now configure the fields to filter by:

Make sure that you select ‘is one of’ to allow you to filter and toggle which users you want to report on on the report display page.

– Click Next

Now define your Group By as shown below:

You need at least one item here to make the grouping functionality work on the report detail page.

– Click Next

Now choose your Display Summaries, this will be the summaries that appear in the grid below the visual representation (bar chart) of the report.

– Click Next

Now we choose a Chart Type, Data Series and a relevant Description.

– Click Next

Now finally enter a Report Name

– Click Save

Now you should have a report like the one shown below in these screenshots.


Remember that you can modify which users you are reporting on by toggling/changing the filter at the top of the screen, shown in the screenshot above. This updates the report with live data – all reports show live data.

In any case, the best you can do with Sugar’s features is give them a try….Enjoy!