Adding a link to another Sugar item directly into a view

sugarcrmdevelopers —  March 26, 2012

So you want to link to a Sugar report directly from within a view or layout and you’re not certain how to do so? Well the simple response would be to go to the Reports module and access the report there. But what if you have hundreds of reports and don’t know which one is the correct one? Well help is at hand…

– Log in as an Admin
– Browse to Reports and choose the report you want to show.

Here we show the report we want. Grab the URL of this report and store for later.

– Go to Admin
– Click on Studio
– Click on the Module required. We want to show this report in Opportunities.

We now have the URL field all set up. Tick Generate URL. We want this to open in a new window.

– Click Save
– Now we want to add this to our layout. We’d like it in both the DetailView and the EditView. Let’s do it.

We’ve dragged a New Row from the left which automatically makes space where you drag it. We’ve then dragged our new field ‘Pipeline Report’ onto the new row. Make sure that Sync to DetailView is ticked.

– Click Save & Deploy

Now browse to your Opportunities module, select an opportunity and you should see something like this:

So there you are – simple as. Enjoy…