Wildcard searching in SugarCRM

sugarcrmdevelopers —  March 27, 2012

So we have a simple tip today…how to do wildcard searching in Sugar in text fields, maybe in multiple fields. This is an easy one to explain, but not immediately obvious to someone that hasn’t used Sugar before and to people that aren’t familiar with the LIKE command in SQL statements.

Show me..

So, firstly you want to search on an account name record and want to pull up anything which has North at the beginning. This is as simple as entering:


Into the Account Name search box on the View Accounts screen or by entering this in the Global search box on the top right.

But what if you want to search for anything with the word North at e end of the field?


…is your answer…

…and what if I want to find the North anywhere in the field…I don’t mind where it is?


…is your answer…