Our website has changed…and so has where we host downloads.

sugarcrmdevelopers —  April 4, 2012 — 10 Comments

You’ve probably noticed something different today if you checked out our main web site… it looks different!

This is a huge step forward for us in being able to truly showcase everything SugarCRM has to offer. It’s been a large endeavor by our our entire company to pull this off, namely our web marketing and internal apps teams. I want to extend a huge “Thank You” to all of them on behalf of the entire Sugar Community.

As a part of this change, we also took the time to make another change. For nearly 7 years now, SugarForge has been the home of downloads for the open source edition of Sugar ( currently known as Sugar Community Edition ). While in the last year we’ve moved the source code hosting to GitHub, we are now going to begin leverage SourceForge as the primary home of our package downloads of Sugar CE. We’ve been providing both full and patch zip packages on SourceForge for Sugar for years now, so the use of SourceForge is nothing new for us, but by using SourceForge as our primary package hosting service we can leverage their worldwide content delivery network to make grabbing packages of Sugar CE much faster than before. You can grab packages for Sugar CE by going directly to our project on SourceForge, or by going to the download page on the sugarcrm.com site.

We hope these changes to go over smoothly, but in case you are seeing hiccups, please respond in the comments below or ping us on Twitter and we’ll be sure to get them address as soon as possible.

10 responses to Our website has changed…and so has where we host downloads.


    Yeh, and it doesn’t work..so no change there…cant access the user forums…whatever happened to Q.A. in Sugar?


       We apologize for the forums having issues, we are working very hard to get the forums working 100%.

      Can you detail all the issues you are seeing?


        I didn’t see my comment appear, so I’m reposting it–

        It appears the url structure has changed. See: http://www.sugarcrm.com/forums/f19/sugar-portal-zend-framework-39605/

        This means none of our scores of bookmarks and results on Google are currently not working for anyone.

        Thanks for addressing.


      Where did the forums go? I go to
      and then go to Developers Help like I always used to and it takes me to here
      with a 404 not found error.

      I use the forums daily, and even need it right now and cannot access. Please help….


        Also most google searches that used to point to the developers site are broken now and give a 404 not found error as well….


    During logging to forums – something wrong. Access denied – wait 15 minutes (using auto logger as usually). And on and on… even can’t go to threads pressing link in the right column of sugarforge.org main page – page not found error.
    We all hope you’ll solve tech prob’s soon.
    Good luck! 🙂


    Hey all, the forums issues you have been seeing should be all fixed now. Let us know if anything else pops up.


    It seems that email notifications about bug cases still point to old pathes which give a 404 error.

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