Sugar 6.5 RC comes out today

sugarcrmdevelopers —  April 25, 2012 — 11 Comments

We are excited to announce that Sugar 6.5 has entered Release Candidate testing. This is a big release for us, with several enhancements to enhance the features and functionality of Sugar, as well as set the groundwork for the future of the Sugar platform. Just check out the small list of what’s in there:

  • Built in Full Text Search engine with support for using elasticsearch for the commercial editions.
  • An updated User Experience, with a new navigation bar for the commercial editions, as well as cleaned up buttons and widgets for all editions
  • Phase 2 of updating the Calendar, with reoccurring meetings and the ability to subscribe to iCal calendars ( thanks to the iCal Patch SugarForge project )
  • Many performance improvements with SNIP, Sugar Logic, and the platform in general

You can grab the packages or the code on GitHub to check it all out. And if you at SugarCon this week, be sure to stop by the Sugar Smarties Bar and the SugarUNCon to get your hands-on demo of all the changes.

As we’ve done in the past, we’ll be highlighting some of the new developer level changes coming in 6.5 over the next few weeks leading up to the GA release in June. And be sure to give us any feedback you have on 6.5 in the comments below.

11 responses to Sugar 6.5 RC comes out today


    Email still poor?


       We haven’t made any changes to our email client for Sugar 6.5. What sorts of issues are you seeing that you would like to have addressed?


        Thanks for replying…the AJAX email client is just very slow. I am running on a i7 core machine and often the mail client is still processing/hanging after the email has arrived at its destination. Also the processing of attachments is slow, much slower in comparison with other clients. I know that php is far from lightning-quick..perhaps the solution is an in-the-background MS Outlook?


           Great feedback! Would you mind capturing this in a feature request at


            I am liking SugarCRM Pro more and more each day.  I do have to agree with the slowness of the email client.  It is the biggest drawback from my everyday Sugar users from loving the system.  The functionality is okay, but some functions take exceedingly long to perform.  I am busy customizing the interface and logic myself to make use of Sugar in my business, so I am a bit time-strapped to dive into the mail code to see if there are some areas to change in order to increase the speed.

            FYI: John, I just got your Sugar 5 book…recommended by presenter at SugarCon…even though it is a rev behind.  Great work on Sugar and thanks many for your help in all areas!


               Thanks for all your feedback! I will definitely pass it along internally here for feedback, and welcome any tips or tricks you find to help speed up the email client.

              And thanks for buying the book! Even though it is a rev behind, it should still be fairly applicable to Sugar 6.5 as well. Hope you enjoy it!


    Not seeing the RC Download?


    In 6.5, is there any provisions for pushing the calendar to a Google calendar?

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