Sugar's $500 Race Car

sugarcrmdevelopers —  April 30, 2012 — 2 Comments

Lots of people wish they could race cars, but there are a few reasons why most people don’t. Racing takes a big investment of both time any money. You need to not only buy and prepare a car, but when you crash (cause everyone does eventually) you can lose a huge investment.

Enter ChumpCar. The formula is pretty simple.

1.) Find a team of 4 or more car lovers who wish they could race.
2.) Buy a car worth $500 or less and make it safe to race (Cage, seat, belts, etc).
3.) Race.

There are no requirements of experience, no tricked out cars, and no egos allowed. Its all about car lovers taking over real race tracks and driving cars not worth their rattle-can paint jobs to the limit in 8+ hour endurance races.

It turns out that at Sugar, we have a few car guys who were interested in racing. After some meetings, deliberation, and math we decided to take the plunge. We set to work scouring craigslist for a suitable ride. Our car of choice is a 1993 Nissan Sentra SE-R. This unassuming econobox is really a race car just waiting to tear up the track. It has taken a lot of work but we think we are on track to race day. We are currently in the process of making this car race ready start with replacement of all the critical brake and suspension components as well as making the engine as reliable a possible (hard to do on a 20 year old car). The next step is the case and seat. As we move towards completion of the car, we will continue to post to the blog here.

The Team:
Mazen Luis
David Wheeler
Peter Deng
David Tam
Vlad Kulchitski
Eduardo Rivera
Quentin Todd
Javier Davalos

Something we didn’t expect, but are really grateful for, is that Sugar has decided to invest in its employees passions and will be sponsoring us in the 2012 Season. We hope to have the car together in the next month and ready to hit the track for our first race in June at Buttonwillow Raceway Park near Bakersfield, CA.

If any Sugar fans are there, make sure to come by and check out car number 13.

A cheap car with tons of potential (Image courtesy Wikimedia)

The Upgrades

2 responses to Sugar's $500 Race Car


    As a SugarCRM admin/user AND a ChumpCar Racer, I approve of this blog post!  Have fun, the ChumpCar guys are great.

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