yaai ( Yet Another Asterisk Integration ) is the June 2012 Sugar App of the Month

sugarcrmdevelopers —  June 1, 2012 — Leave a comment

Welcome to summer! ( At least for us folks in the northern hemisphere, sorry for the southern hemisphere-iers now in the heart of winter ).

To kick off this time of year, we made a small adjustment to the existing SugarForge POTM we have all know and loved over the past few years. It’s now named the Sugar App of the Month. This naming change allows us to broaden out our search for apps so that we can make sure everyone looking to help enhance the Sugar ecosystem can be selected. But in the end, we are still looking for those killer apps that are poised to make Sugar user’s lives much easier.

Now on to this month’s selection. If you were at the Sugar App Throwdown a few weeks ago at SugarCon 2012 in San Francisco, you’ll most likely remember the Sugar Asterisk integration being worked on by customer and community member Blake Robertson. After seeing it I knew it’s one that many Sugar users would appreciate it, as Asterisk is one of the most popular telephony systems in use by our community worldwide. Blake took over a project that went thru many hands to reinvigorate it, and is doing a great job of making the premier Asterisk integration for Sugar users. Definitely check out the interview he did about the project and being a part of the Sugar ecosystem.

And Blake will be showing off his integration this month during the Sugar Community Webinar on June 20th at 11am ET. You can join in the meeting at http://goo.gl/PWczA.

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