SugarCRM celebrate's it's 8th birthday with the 6.5 release

sugarcrmdevelopers —  June 6, 2012 — 5 Comments

Last Friday marked the 8th birthday for SugarCRM, with a fun party held at HQ and along with the (re) opening of a new building in the remodeling of the Cupertino campus. While an 8th birthday may not seem like much, it’s quite an accomplishment in the world of startups, and it a testament to extraordinary reach of our community. While I wasn’t there in person for the celebrations, Suga David Clunie recapped the event in pictures at his blog.

And that leads us into today’s big news: Sugar 6.5 is going GA!

We are excited to announce that later today Sugar 6.5 will available for release. This is another big milestone release for us, with lots of updates and improvements to the overall user experience in the app, namely…

  • An improved user experience, with an updated navigation and search interface in the commercial editions and cleaner buttons for all editions.
  • Another round of calendaring improvements, with the including of the iCal Patch project for read-only subscribing to Sugar calendars and reoccurring meeting support.
  • Full Text Search support with the inclusion of Elastic Search, which after using it first hand for a few days is a pure “wow” for me.
  • A number of performance and stability enhancements to the AJAX UI, Sugar Logic, SNIP, and Mobile Plus, with many coming from our Enterprise PS team.

I want to thank everyone from the community who have given us great feedback and found ( and even fixed in some cases ) some nasty bugs to help make this a top notch release. Our worldwide community is what makes Sugar special, and we hope you enjoy using Sugar 6.5 as much as we do.

5 responses to SugarCRM celebrate's it's 8th birthday with the 6.5 release


    Congratulations to all 🙂


    Is there any documentation on how to get Elastic Search installed and properly configured?


      Sorry if I sounds greedy, but it would be even better if documentation on setting up that in XAMPP and MAMP enviroment is available.


       Instructions on how to enable full text search is documented in the 6.5.0 Pro Admin Guide:
      System – SugarCRM Support Site

      Instructions on how to use full text search is documented in the 6.5.0 App Guide:
      Navigating the User Interface – SugarCRM Support Site

      Look forward to more documentation around elastic search best practices coming soon.


       Hey Jeff, once again, little to no documentation on how to install/configure this (supposedly) great implementation. I have googled and found how to install elasticsearch on my server, ( have gone to the Admin > Search section of my Sugar install, tested the connection status (successful), scheduled a System Index, waited for 2 hours and have NO results in any of my searches ;-]

      I wish Sugar would implement and deliver stuff like this with FULL documentation, they always seem to come off as half-ar**ed in my opinion. Never mind, into the logs I suppose and see if I can find what the problem might be…

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