Some changes to our PHP and IE support platform coming soon

sugarcrmdevelopers —  September 5, 2012 — 15 Comments

As we pass into the Fall here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are beginning to look at changes we are proposing to make to our platform matrix going forward. These changes we feel are inline with current trends out there, and will make it much easier to build a stable, secure, and modern product going forward.

First off, we want to remove support for PHP 5.2 and add support for PHP 5.4. This to us is a no brainer, as PHP 5.2 is no longer supported by and has several known security holes. In addition, the new language features in 5.3 and 5.4 will enable us to improve the underlying code quality.

The other change we want to do is remove support for Internet Explorer 8. IE is nearly 3.5 years old, and has been completely replaced on the market by IE 9 ( which was released 18 months ago ). We are seeing fewer and fewer IE 8 users these days, and for those on Windows XP both Firefox and Chrome provide excellent substitutes.

We are definitely looking for feedback on this change, which at the earliest would take place on new versions of Sugar coming out later in Q4 this year and into next year. Sound off in the comments with your feedback on the changes.

15 responses to Some changes to our PHP and IE support platform coming soon


    These are great news!
    New features available on PHP 5.3+, like namespaces, will make Sugar, from a developers perspective, even sweeter!
    Looking forward to see what’s coming in the next few months.


    I’m a fan of the news, but I have a fair few clients stuck on IE8 due to corporate policy…


      Any reason they can’t move to IE 9? Are they stuck on Windows XP still?


        not all – but they each will have their own issues. Hopefully this sort of news can help move things along!


        yes… the reason is: corporate policy.
        try working in some major company´s IT for a year (staying sane) and learn that there is a giant leap in softawareness between you/me/sme and enterprise level.
        goes back mostly to the time where you defined a software by its context and once it was done it was done.
        updates are bad.
        e.g. most banks (~80%) in DACH region are using IE8.


    The PHP changes are very exciting. Any word on when OnDemand will move off of 5.2?


    Its great news actually, but the IE8 enterprise level users (at least in Europe) are still many 😦
    Some companies stick with something that is working and don’t do upgrades at all levels. I don’t know if dropping IE8 will be compatible with enterprise policies of those companies.


      Would those enterprise clients be using the latest versions of Sugar at this point? We still will have support for 6.5 thru the end of next year.


        Well I guess so. In the DRI case upgrades don’t come often if the client (and developers) don’t see some improvements/gains of doing it, but it is more complex to do upgrades after some versions (tends to give more errors or having awkward behaviors), specially on major ones.

        Nevertheless, it’s something that Sugar can warn about (readme file) when someone is making the upgrade.


    We encounter IE8 regularly with Enterprise & Government clients. The reason is they are stuck on XP. In some cases we have managed to get the client to deploy Chrome as a solution (this is usually easier after you demonstrate the page load time improvements). That said, I think you are boxing Sugar out of a significant market space if you drop IE8. It is worth nothing that IE8 in current releases is not perfect & there are JS errors on many views. My vote is retain IE8 with some level of depreciated user experience.

    Miguel Fernandez December 22, 2012 at 8:12 pm

    Looking forward for this changes.

    I was trying to install sugar crm on my server with php 5.4 and to my surprise didn’t work.
    The solution recommended in your website was to downgrade to php 5.3?
    I’m not going backwards, I will let it pass by now.


    Support for PHP 5.4 on all current Sugar versions (6.5.x & 7.x) would be great

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