Focus on the right decision makers with SugarCRM's organisation chart

sugarcrmdevelopers —  September 11, 2012

Loaded Technologies’ new release of the organisation chart for SugarCRM makes it even easier for sales professionals to quickly understand and instantly visualise hierarchical relationships, decision makers and influencers involved in their sales opportunities.

Our latest version of SugarCRM’s organisation chart now includes:

  1. Buyers roles
  2. Colour coding
  3. Related external contacts

1. Buyers roles

Understanding what role each buyer plays in the buying group is critical in order to effectively negotiate and close sales. The new module includes SugarCRM’s default buyers roles:

sugarcrm organisation chart select buyer role

The roles are easily configurable in Studio via the drop down editor to match your organisation’s terminology.

At Loaded, we’re using the 4 major buyer roles most likely to be found in B2B organisations and complex sales, as defined by Miller Heiman’s Strategic Selling book.

  • Economic buyer/ Decision maker
  • Technical buyer
  • User buyer
  • Coach / Influencer

sugarcrm org chart select buyer role

2. Color coded roles

Each of the buyer roles are colour coded, with a legend printed below the chart, making it even easier to determine buyer types and key influencers at a glance.

sugarcrm organisation chart

Colours are easily configurable in Studio:

set colors sugarcrm organisation chart

3. Related external contacts

Your prospect’s organisation structure might be complex, with relationships between contacts from different companies also related to your opportunity. The new SugarCRM org chart visually represents those, below the main chart. This way, you not only see contacts working for the current organisation but also external ones influencing the sales opportunity, ensuring you focus on the right decision makers.

sugarcrm organisation chart external contacts
If you want to start focusing on your most promising opportunities today, contact us to implement the SugarCRM organisation chart.