Miss the Red X for Closing Tasks in SugarCRM v6.5?

sugarcrmdevelopers —  October 2, 2012

Within two days of upgrading from Sugar 6.4 -> SugarCRM 6.5, I had two people come up to me and say how they missed the red X there used to be for closing tasks in subpanels.  In Sugar 6.5 they replaced all the little icons with an action dropdown widget.  As a result, it’s now two clicks to close a task, one to click the triangle icon to show the other actions and another to click close.

Fortunately, there is a simple workaround.  Open up /modules/Tasks/Metadata/Subpanels/ForActivities.php and swap the order in which the ‘close_button’ and the ‘edit_button’ appear in the file.   The result is close will be the default and you’ll have to click the triangle to get to edit.   If for some reason you like to edit tasks alot (aka a procrastinator), you’ll hate this change. But, if you’re a task master you’ll love having close be the default.

I suspect you can copy this ForActivities file to the custom folder and make this upgrade safe.  I’m personally banking on the red X making a comeback in Sugar 6.6 so I wasn’t so worried about it for now. 

Note: this process works for pretty much any module.  Just go to the appropriate module/metadata/subpanels folder and open the appropriate file.  For Tasks there are different layouts for “Activities”, “History” and the default view.