SugarCRM – QuickBooks Integration App is the November 2012 Sugar App of the Month

sugarcrmdevelopers —  November 1, 2012 — 4 Comments

If there’s one thing that every company needs, it’s accounting software. Quickbooks is the clear winner out there for most SMB organizations, and being able to leverage the vast data there in your CRM solutions is a clear must.

This month we are highlighting one of those solutions for the November 2012 Sugar App of the Month. The SugarCRM – QuickBooks Integration App from Faye Business Systems Group. This Application does everything you’d want in a Sugar/QuickBooks integration, synchronizing customers, inventory items, invoice history, and sales orders/estimates between QuickBooks and Sugar.

Learn more about this month’s Sugar App of the Month at the Sugar Community Webinar on November 21st at 8:00am US Pacific Time / 11:00am US Eastern Time / 5:00pm Central European Time. You can join the webinar at

4 responses to SugarCRM – QuickBooks Integration App is the November 2012 Sugar App of the Month


    I applaud FayeBSG for having a great website and what appear to be solid products.

    My one criticism is: the prices for the products are pretty outrageous. It’s great for a company that makes $20M per year. But for small businesses, $1,500 per year for QuickBooks integration, $500 per year for constant contact integration, Etcetera. Pretty outrageous.

    Here’s a suggestion: charge companies that can afford it -integration- fees and support fees, and… charge less for the software. Consider charging a software charge and for customers that need it, charge a YEARLY SUPPORT contract.

    Apple has proven that if you charge less for software, more people will buy it. That comment alone could start a flame war but seriously, this pricing is way out of line with any sane pricing for small businesses.


    Hi Todd – Thanks for the comments. We really appreciate the feedback. We are constantly reviewing and re-evaluating all of our products and our pricing model. Your input is really helpful, and we will certainly consider it as we go through our next round of product update planning.

    Just so you know, to date we haven’t received a tremendous amount of push back on the pricing of the products when we discuss them with prospects and clients. We completely understand that the price level of our products may price us out of certain businesses, but we haven’t yet gotten the input that this would be a huge amount of businesses based on our data. That being said, we’re committed to serving the Sugar community with our products, and we will strongly consider your ideas as we move forward.

    Thanks again.


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