How To Get All Related Teams Using Beans

sugarcrmdevelopers —  November 5, 2012 — Leave a comment

Editor’s Note: This post comes from Michael Joyner, who is a SugarCRM engineer for a Health Care company that uses SugarCRM to manage the Cancer Patient process in hospitals. Thanks Micheal for this great tip!

I recently faced the challenge of creating a custom user interface based on the Team that was associated to an Account. Any number of teams could create its own unique page. After I looked online and found there was hardly any information. I wanted to find a solution that would leverage using the Bean methods rather than building all sorts of SQL statements.

So what to do?

I pointed my trusty code editor to “modules/Teams” and right there starring me in the face was “TeamSets.php” and “Team.php”. I opened them up and VIOLA…… I found gold. Both objects had the exact methods I needed.

Below uses Team and TeamSets objects and iterates thru each Team as it traverses all the Accounts.

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