Using Java to integrate Jive and SugarCRM

sugarcrmdevelopers —  December 7, 2012 — 4 Comments

Recently, we had the opportunity to work with Mark Weitzel from Jive and Mohammad Nezarati from Esna to show how OpenSocial and Sugar can be used to integrate seamlessly into the Jive activity stream.  It is a fantastic example of how to build a compelling integration that goes beyond just wrapping existing Sugar UI inside another application.  The demo was shown at JiveWorld in Las Vegas and more recently at OW2Con in Paris.

Example Jive App called "SugarCRM Sweetness"

Mark Weitzel has a great post about how we integrated Sugar into the Jive activity stream on the Jive developer blog.

In order to rapidly build out the integration with the folks at Jive we used a Java web application that connected to SugarCRM using the REST API and posted Actions with !App Experiences (also known as OpenSocial Embedded Experiences) into Jive.

One of the things we noticed when writing the Java code was that there were not a lot of examples of how you would connect to the SugarCRM REST API using Java. All we really needed was a simple object oriented client library that kept doing simple things with Sugar simple.

For example,

So with that goal in mind we are refactoring a lot of the code into a Java Client API project with the goal of making it available to everyone.  We will be building it using Apache Maven which will make it easy for you to incorporate it into many existing projects.  We will keep you updated but in the mean time, let us know if this is something that the Sugar developer community is interested in!

4 responses to Using Java to integrate Jive and SugarCRM


    I have written Java Client API for Sugar using REST API. I had used Apache HTTPComponents to connect to the server.


    Your CEO showed SugarCRM updates in IBM Connections Activity Stream using the same technology but there’s nothing posted here, any particular reason why?

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