Making prettier print outs of Sugar records

sugarcrmdevelopers —  December 27, 2012 — Leave a comment

Many folks are still in the paper age, and would like to have customer information print off sheets they can stick in paper files for example. Sugar does have this ability to do print records and screens, as you can see these icons at the bottom of any screen.

But it’s hidden down there at the bottom, requires two clicks to print a record, and does at all take advantages of the abilities of CSS to use media type declarations to help provide more responsive design. So let’s fix this!

The SugarTheme framework is quite extensible, and allows you to easy add in new theme assets in an upgrade-safe way. So to make our records a bit more print-friendly without having to traverse to the specific print view ( or in other words, being able to go to File > Print in your browser and print the page ), you can add the following bits to a new style.css file in the custom/themes/Sugar/css/ directory for making the default Pacific theme in Sugar Pro to print out detail views much nicer looking…

This gives output that looks something like this for a record…

I’m sure I’m missing some style changes here and there, so feel free to give me feedback on other bits to add to make the printouts look much cleaner.

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