Missing records under Activities and History subpanels? Here's how to get them back

sugarcrmdevelopers —  February 13, 2013 — 3 Comments

We eat our dog food here at Sugar, meaning we run SugarCRM internally to manage many parts of our business including Sales, Support, and Engineering. Occasionally we see hickups during version upgrades, just like many of you who use Sugar to run your business do. So when we upgraded recently to Sugar 6.5.9, many users were surprised to see missing records underneath their Activities and History subpanels ( we’ve also seen this reported on the forums as well ). Our Internal Apps team began to dig into the issue right away.

With Engineering’s help,  we confirmed that Attachments, Emails and Notes disappear from the History sub panel when these modules are listed under “Hide Modules” of an individual user’s “Modules for Navigation Bar” Profile settings. It was traced back to a change in Sugar 6.5.5, but you can easily change back to showing those records again; here’s how…

Simply update your Profile settings under the Advanced tab by moving “Notes” from the”Hide Modules” section to the “Display Modules” section.  If your Profile contains additional hidden modules that you need to view, it is recommended that you also move those over to the “Display Modules” section to limit History visibility issues in the future.

Note: Moving modules to the “Display Modules” section not only allows you visibility under History, but it also adds them to the navigation drop down menu .

3 responses to Missing records under Activities and History subpanels? Here's how to get them back


    Nice to see this notice. Was very weird the first time I saw it but after seeing it a few times… I think for our customers we found that in Admin->Display Module Tabs and Subpanels we moved Notes/Emails/whatever was missing from hidden to display in the Module Tabs section, which seemed to work.

    Thanks for the update!


    Thanks for the update!


    And always check that mistakenly you think the history attachments are gone when actually , you added them to the history panel of the lead and when you converted the lead to a contact, the history didn’t pass to the contact but stayed in the lead history. which…. happend to me 🙂

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