SugarCon 2013: A recap

sugarcrmdevelopers —  April 22, 2013 — 4 Comments

Another SugarCon has come and gone, and once again I find myself in awe of how amazing the Sugar ecosystem and community is. It’s the fifth time I’ve been so fortunate as to spend a week with everyone, seeing how SugarCRM is making such a huge impact for organizations around the world. It’s probably one of the most rewarding events I am so fortunate to be a part of every year.

For me, the highlights lie squarely with connecting the amazing innovation and innovators in the Sugar community back to the community at large, and seeing how to make it possible for these innovators to take their aspirations to a whole new level. This happens thru two of the biggest events of the conference ( at least for me 😉 ); the App Throwdown and the Uncon

Uncon – Bringing our development community together with our Engineering All-Stars

It’s the third straight year we’ve the SugarCon UnCon, and seeing that we’ve taken this format on the road, I must say it’s definitely a huge success. We had a huge group of our alliance partners such as Pardot participating this year as well, with the focus being the transition to Sugar 7 coming later this year.

With two days of great content about all of the new features and functionality of Sugar 7, along with hands-on demos of the platform driven by our expert Engineering team, everyone walked away with deeper knowledge into the future of the Sugar platform.

App Throwdown – Showcasing the innovation of the Sugar ecosystem for all the world to see

 We drew the conference to a close with the Sugar App Throwdown, back for the second year. After the great successes of last year, it was a hard process of selecting from over 30 participants to narrowing it down to six applications to show off on stage. Just look at the contestant list…

  • Jeff Bickart, NEPO Systems, showcasing their time tracking Harvest integration.
  • Sean Myers and Vince Puente, Endeavor, showcasing EndeavorCPQ integrated with Sugar quoting.
  • Christian Wettre, W-Systems Corp, showcasing enhancements done to the Sugar campaigns module that make getting a campaign up and running by a salesperson much easier than before
  • Aaron Wine, Epicom, showcasing their FedEx application which allows Sugar users to maintain a handle on high volume shipping issues, in terms of product tracking, expenses and customer service.
  • Brian Reale and Fernando Ontiveros, Colosa, showcasing ProcessMaker, new functionality that allows companies to design approval driven workflows based on a visual process map that takes advantage of native Sugar elements.
  • Blake Robertson, showcasing Callinize, an app that connects to your company’s CRM, pulls important customer information, and displays this information for all incoming calls on your mobile phone.

A big congratualtions goes out to three winning solutions of Endeavor, Callinize, and ProcessMaker. And thanks to our sponsor SugarOutfitters, along with commentators Clint Oram, Chad Hutchins, and Esteban Kolsky, for joining in the fun.

Above all, I want to thank everyone who helped make SugarCon 2013 a success, especially our very own Marketing and Events team, our wonderful sponsors, and each of you who spent the week with us. I look forward to seeing everyone at SugarCon 2014 next spring back in San Francisco!

4 responses to SugarCon 2013: A recap

    Jesal Bhowmick May 17, 2013 at 12:01 am

    can we have a link to the Sugar v7 demo?

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