SugarCRM Diagnostic Tool – Quick Pick Just the Log

sugarcrmdevelopers —  May 2, 2013

SugarCRM diagnostic tool — useful for grabbing a lot of system information or, more frequently for me, just a full copy of the SugarCRM diagnostic log.

I find that I often don’t want the customdir, database dumps, md5 hashes, etc. And it takes SugarCRM a good minute or so to package all of that up and for your to download it. The process is dramatically quicker if you just select the log, but all of those checkboxes!

I didn’t want to always click those checkboxes, so I made this quick JavaScript to be placed in a bookmark. This script unchecks everything but the log and submit the form, which you’ll probably be able to download in 10% of the time otherwise.

Works with Firefox, didn’t bother to test with anything else so far.