"Is SugarCRM really getting more stable / less buggy?" ( the answer is yes! )

sugarcrmdevelopers —  May 6, 2013 — 1 Comment

I came across this forums post not too long ago on this very subject…

We use Sugar CRM for several years now and feel it is very good and helpful software.

However, one discovery intrigues me. Currently, we use 6.5.5 CE and think about updating to the latest version of CE, namely 6.5.12. I used the official bug portal (Bug Portal | SugarCRM.com English (Americas)) to find out how many bugs have been fixed from 6.5.5 to 6.5.12 and how many now bugs have been found in that version span.

The results was surprising:
The search returns 586 found bugs (search field “found in release”) vs. 537 fixed bugs (search field “targeted in release”).

I can imagine that even versions primarily aimed to fix bugs can create some new bugs and also that some bugs are only captured in later versions than the ones in which they were introduced. Neverthelss, I would have thought that over the course of several bug-fixing versions, the number of fixed bugs by far exceeds the number of found bugs.

Or maybe I am overlooking something?

I am curious to read your replies.

I took this same question back inside of Sugar is search of answers. With the help of Ran Zhou, who leads our QA team here at Sugar, we dug thru the data to find out the answers.

The short story is this… NO! Over the course of the 6.5.x series, we fixed 1646 bugs with only 25 regressions. That’s pretty impressive :-). Here’s a chart showcasing the release by release breakdown…

Note that 6.5.2, 6.5.4, and 6.5.7 were small releases to fix specific showstopper bugs, thus skewing the Total Fixes number a bit.

Alongside of just bugs, we’ve added numerous enhancements along the way. Some of them include…

  • Email marketing sort order : Email marketing records are now listed in reverse chronological order on the Send Test and Send Emails page. ( 6.5.12 )
  • Module specific report search criteria : Viewing reports via module tabs’ “View {Module Name} Reports” option correctly updates the report search criteria. ( 6.5.12 )
  • View tasks in iCal : Option to display tasks in iCal when subscribing to the Sugar calendar. ( 6.5.12 )
  • Google calendar integration : iCal integration now works on Google calendar to sync and view Sugar’s calendar. ( 6.5.12 )
  • Call and meeting popup reminder : Additional information has been added to the call and meeting pop-up reminders. ( 6.5.12 )
  • Calendar’s More Information : Additional fields have been added to the pop-up More Information box within the Calendar module. ( 6.5.11 )
  • Calendar View Persistence : A user’s calendar will now preserve the last view setting (i.e. Week or Month) for the duration of the session. ( 6.5.11 )
  • Completed Activities View Option : Users may now choose whether or not to display completed activities on their calendar using an option in the calendar’s Settings panel. ( 6.5.11 )
  • Dynamic Email From Address : The From email address and name may now be dynamic as specified on a workflow email template. ( 6.5.11 )
  • Multiple Email Addresses as BCC : All To email addresses may now be easily moved to BCC. ( 6.5.11 )
  • Lead Conversion Account : Existing account name populates when searching for account during lead conversion. ( 6.5.11 )
  • vCard Error Detection : Creating records via vCard now includes formatting error detection. ( 6.5.11 )
  • Importing contracts : The Contracts module tab now includes an Import option in its Actions dropdown menu. ( 6.5.10 )
  • Email reply-all : The option to reply to all recipients is now available when viewing an email. ( 6.5.10 )
  • Converting leads to existing contacts : Studio now allows the option for Admins to configure lead conversion such that an existing contact record may be found and selected rather than requiring a new contact record to be created. ( 6.5.10 )
  • REST JSONP callback : JSONP callback support now included when accessing Sugar’s REST API from external JavaScript. ( 6.5.10 )
  • XHProf logging : XHProf logging is now supported given that the library is installed. More information can be found in the 6.5 Developer Guide. ( 6.5.10 )
  • Call and meeting attendance : When a call or meeting is created, the creator’s status is now automatically set to “Accepted”. ( 6.5.10 )
  • Attendee status for iCal : Viewing calls and meetings in iCal now includes the participation status of all attendees when using the iCal integration. ( 6.5.10 )
  • Ability for admins to hide Logger subpanel in System Settings —  Logger subpanel in System Settings can be hidden by admins to prevent end users from modifying logger format and settings ( 6.5.9 )
  • Disabled OK button in Module Loader — OK button in Ready to Install step in Module Loader disables after the first click to avoid SQL errors ( 6.5.8 )
  • Ability to select all Meeting and Call invitees — Related To field value in Calls and Meetings Create forms not automatically added as a Meeting or Call attendee ( 6.5.8 )
  • iCal/vCal URLs were updated due to security. (6.5.6)
  • We no longer automatically invite Related To contact or lead to a meeting or call. (6.5.6)
  • Meeting reminders sent to participants via email do not contain Description field information (6.5.5)
  • Icons for multiple integrations displayed next to each other for better visibility in Accounts Detail View pages (6.5.5)
  • New In-app Tour Guide highlighting the new features of Release 6.5.0 (6.5.3)
  • Full Text Search (FTS) supports email addresses by default (6.5.3)
  • Ability for admins to select panels and/or tabs to display information in Edit View and Detail View pages of modules (6.5.3)
  • Global Search enabled automatically if Full Text Search (FTS) is disabled (6.5.1)

So yes, SugarCRM is getting more stable, and we encourage all users to make sure they move to the latest release as we are actively fixing issues affected every user every day. Big thanks to the hard work of our engineering, products, and UX team on driving this quality, along with the many developers and partners around the world contributing bug fixes to us.

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