SugarCRM Project Management: Customized Team Assignments

sugarcrmdevelopers —  May 16, 2013

If you haven’t worked with us yet, you’ll soon discover that we are the type of company that ‘drinks their own champagne’ so to speak, meaning that we are heavy users of SugarCRM and the Project Management module from Sugar.

In order to manage our daily engagements, we use a customized version of ‘Projects’ and ‘Project Tasks’ in SugarCRM which are only visible to the engineers that are assigned the particular project, rather than the entire engineering team.

These security rules in SugarCRM allow us to:

  • Keep customer details and project details secure.
  • Only display data to the personnel that requires access to do so.
  • Keep the list views of other team member’s Sugar homepage much cleaner.
  • Refrain from cluttering other team member’s view with unrelated data.

The Issue:

When we added a consultant to a SugarCRM Project, they didn’t have access to all of the related data. Meaning, they could only see the Project record. We needed them to be able access to all related data including Project Tasks, Project Contacts, Account details and any other pertinent records.

Our Solution:

A quick code customization, called a Logic Hook, was added so that when we assigned a consultant or other resource to a project SugarCRM would traverse the related records and give that person access to the data that they needed to be efficient.

We are constantly working to create the most streamlined processes we can in order to maximize our team’s efficiency using SugarCRM. Steady optimizations ensure that the organization is always becoming more efficient!

If your team could use customized options to help make their SugarCRM instances more efficient, take a look at our Managed CRM services or feel free to contact us to speak directly with one of our Sales Engineers to develop a personalized plan today.