TempRelate: A SugarCRM Template Creation Engine

sugarcrmdevelopers —  June 21, 2013

A well-known practice for businesses states that the more processes you can automate, the more success you’ll be able and ready to handle.

One of the easiest ways to automate processes begins with creating templates for content that is being used repeatedly. Templates can be particularly great resources to have when working within SugarCRM, ultimately saving time and overall work for team members.  With that being said, lets take a look at a module for SugarCRM that can make creating these templates very easy and the available options are extensive.

The TempRelate module for SugarCRM is a template creation engine.  It has the ability to pull data from a combination of relationships within SugarCRM and create templates off of this information.  TempRelate was created to help increase the functionality of SugarCRM’s email template module and give the user more options for their template creations.

A few of the features of TempRelate include:

  • Template Engine: Capability to have multiple embedded templates.
  • Multiple Formats: With one template you can produce documents in multiple formats.

    • Word Document
    • PDF
    • E-mail
  • Custom Module Support: Templates can be built from any custom field, module, or relationship within SugarCRM.

    • Templates can be created for either out-of-the box or custom modules.
    • They are built to be aware of all relationships involved.
    • Capability to match information in any combination needed
  • You can also build child templates as well.

Let’s take a quick look at the extensive features you have at hand when creating an email template in SugarCRM with TempRelate. 

1.   The publish option in email templates are shown in the list to create an email, PDF, or Word doc.

2.   This gives you the option to select the type of template you want to create

  • Email
  • Word document
  • PDF  *Note: by selecting PDF, you will have this template only in “Create PDF”.

3.    This is the subject line that will show when the email is sent to the recipient.

4.    Here is where you will select which module you want the template to work along with.  You can choose the insert fields for the body of the email (Ex. First Name, Last Name, etc.) and lastly you can also insert a child template with this option.

5.    This is an option for edit specific fields so they show the way you need them to.

6.    This give you the ability to insert PHP based functions, such as CURRENT_DATE or PASSWORDREPLACE.

7.    These are options that are inserted within the body of the email.

8.    This is a demo of what a custom function would be

  • When you choose the ‘create email’ button within a module, you will be presented with a pop-up to select the email template that has been related to that current module you are in.

  • Once the template has been selected, it will redirect you to the SugarCRM email module and automatically replace the variables with the value you created in the template.

If you are interested in learning more about how TempRelate can help your business become more efficient by creating templates, please contact us.