Workflow Management with SugarCRM Leads

sugarcrmdevelopers —  July 2, 2013

It’s an exciting time for any company when there are new leads or opportunities to explore. The opportunity of building a new relationship or the possibility of making a new sale can make anyone just a little bit giddy (don’t worry, there’s no need to admit it out loud). But what happens then?

When your team has new leads in SugarCRM, how are they dispersed among your sales team? Do you have an easy, automated process that kicks into gear? Or do you have someone that manually enters the information into Sugar and then uses a pre-determined method for assigning them throughout the sales team?

As a SugarCRM Gold Partner, Atcore Systems is committed to ensuring that we do our part to help every business operate as efficiently as possible. One way we’d like to honor that commitment is through sharing 3 different options we’ve learned to manage our SugarCRM leads as effectively as possible:

  • Using SugarCRM Workflows

SugarCRM Pro offers this out-of-the-box feature for managing leads using workflows to route leads based on certain fields (For example: geographic location or the size of the project’s budget).

  • Using partner resources from ProcessMaker

ProcessMaker workflow management software allows businesses to automate document intensive, approval-based processes across departments and systems. Using ProcessMaker’s software to design and automate a variety of workflows, we were able to create more complex rules than SugarCRM initially provides stratight out-of-the-box.

  • Building custom routing rules

Having the team with experience in customizing and creating just about anything in SugarCRM, we have also simply built exactly what we needed for our customers.

Regardless of which route you choose, the important point to remember is that using an automated workflow to process incoming leads can provide an increase in available time and money, but also in other resources as well. For example, the person who was manually entering the leads in can now spend their time and energy on other projects, meaning there will be no more bottleneck for the incoming leads. 

For more helpful tips on managing leads in SugarCRM, download our free Ebook.

If you want us to help you determine the most efficient way for your business to manage your incoming leads or to simply learn more about creating and managing workflows with SugarCRM, feel free to contact us today!