Sugar Support… we're in the forums too!

sugarcrmdevelopers —  July 3, 2013 — 2 Comments

We’re reaching for the stars here at Sugar Support as we work to continually improve the quality and breadth of our information services. In the past 12 months we’ve greatly improved the level of customer satisfaction by growing the team, extending our global support coverage, revising and expanding our Support Site and Knowledge Base, and completely overhauling our documentation (if you haven’t, check it out!). It’s an ongoing effort and now we’re going a step further, as you’ll see us managing the forums.

So be on the lookout for our two forum champions, csilva and ikako.  They’re watching for your help requests and working to make you successful as quickly as possible. This is the first of many investments in our forums.  We look forward to better engaging with our user community.

2 responses to Sugar Support… we're in the forums too!


    I am not sure what this means. The forums are already “managed” by the thousands of community members. Just who and what are csilva y ikako going to manage? Are they going to respond only to Pro and above users, as seems to be the case?


      Thanks for your concerns. You are correct, as many forums members like yourself help make the forums the rich, vibrant resource that it is. We definitely see this continuing.

      What we are doing now is getting our Support team better engaged in the forums, as appropriate pointing to documentation, opening support cases, and engaging others in Sugar as appropriate. We are taking the “start small” approach here, so while the interaction seems small right now, look for it to grow over the coming months.

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