Meetings Contact Name in Dashlet

sugarcrmdevelopers —  July 4, 2013

For the Calls module, we have a “contact_name” link/relate field available in the Dashlet Listview. Using Studio, we made it available to the My Calls dashlet. It shows up in the Dashlet as an optional field and works as expected, linking to the invited Contact instead of the Related Account.

The same is true for the Meetings module but, the field isn’t available in Studio by default. This vardef change will fix that. Drop the following into a new file at custom/modules/Extension/Meetings/Ext/Vardefs/contact_name_mod.php and do a Repair & Rebuild.

// allow Meeting field contact_name to be managed and moved around in Studio
$dictionary['Meeting']['fields']['contact_name']['studio'] = array('required' => false, 'listview'=>true, 'visible' => false);