Replacing sudo_user in the old SOAP API in the new Sugar 7 REST API

sugarcrmdevelopers —  July 16, 2013 — 1 Comment

Many of you who are still using the original SOAP API ( located at the /soap.php endpoint ) have continued to use it over the updated versions because of various pieces of functionality that never made it to the newer APIs. As we are looking to drive more users towards the RESTful API in Sugar 6.7 and later, we’ve listened to you and have brought back ways to do those same things with the newest API.

One big one was the ability to ‘sudo’ or change to a different user as an admin user without having that user’s password. To do this, we’ve added the /oauth2/sudo/:user_name endpoint in the API for Sugar 7, as you can see in the code sample below…

Look forward to this and other developer features with the rollout of Sugar 7 this fall. If you are interested in looking into how to integrate with Sugar 7, let us know.

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