Silent install a module loadable package from the command line

Matthew Marum —  August 26, 2013 — 2 Comments

Here’s something I’m sure comes up quite often for folks managing many SugarCRM instances, or wanting to automate the deploy process to production for
their own instance: How can I silent install packages to an instance? Fortunately, much of the API to do this is in the product, we just need a small script to wrap around the process to make it happen.

Take a look at the below script, which will do this for you with ease.

Big thanks to our excellent Ops team headed up by Zac Sprackett for this script.

Matthew Marum


Matt is the Director of Developer Advocacy for SugarCRM. Previously he was an Engineer on Sugar 7 and a Solutions Architect for the OEM program. He is also an avid trail runner, Boston Marathon qualifier and a karaoke aficionado.

2 responses to Silent install a module loadable package from the command line


    Its good to see these style of utilities scripts appearing at last. Drupal has a command line framework called drush that automates a lot of processes via the command line for years. It’s a shame this style of tool is not available for Sugar.

    Patris Lumumba April 8, 2014 at 9:39 am

    I can’t get this to work. When I attempt to run this script with my module I get a “not supported” error back from Sugar. I am able to install the module via module_loader without any issues. The snippet from manifest file:
    ‘acceptable_sugar_versions’ => array (
    ‘regex_matches’ => array (‘6\.*\.*’l),
    ‘acceptable_sugar_flavors’ => array (
    ‘CE’, ‘PRO’, ‘ENT’

    And the command I’m trying to run is:
    sudo -u www-data php install_module.php -i /var/www/sugarcrm/ -p /var/www/expanded_module/ -z /var/www/

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work guys!

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