Hello from SugarCRM’s newest Developer Advocate!

Lauren Schaefer —  August 16, 2017

Hey there, Sugar Developers!

I’m SugarCRM’s newest Developer Advocate, and I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is Lauren Schaefer. Since getting my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Computer Science at North Carolina State (go pack!), I’ve been slowly migrating north over the years, and I currently live in Pennsylvania.

I love developing web interfaces in JavaScript. That moment when you finally get an interface pixel perfect after tinkering for hours is so rewarding.

I believe that technology should be easy to use, and I love helping people get started with technology that is new to them. I’m excited about making the process of becoming a Sugar developer even easier as well as introducing the community to the latest and greatest features and customizations as they become available.

One important part of my job is listening to what you, members of the Sugar developer community, have to say and bringing that feedback back to the engineering team. I’m looking forward to chatting with you in the Sugar Developer Community as well as in person at events like SugarCon.

Some facts about me…  I’m obsessed with the color pink. I’m a sucker for reality tv shows like Dancing with the Stars as well as PBS dramas like Victoria. I love to travel and have visited all seven continents (Antarctica is truly amazing!).

I’m really excited about meeting so many of you at SugarCon in a little over a month! Here’s why:

See you in September!


Lauren Schaefer


Lauren is a developer advocate for SugarCRM. She's an experienced software engineer, inventor, international speaker, and leader of an online community of 11,000 people. Also, she loves the color pink.

3 responses to Hello from SugarCRM’s newest Developer Advocate!


    Hi Lauren,

    I’m new to SugarCRM and am looking for an example API to retrieve the Industry Drop Down list from a Java Swing application. Would you be able to help me with this or point me in the right direction?

    Any help appreciated — thanks 🙂
    …my favorite color is gray
    Thank you,
    Matt Bates


      Hi Matt,

      Are you able to access the Industry Drop Down from the Sugar web interface? If so, I’d recommend using a browser plugin like Postman to record requests and then view a page that has the Industry Drop Down. Look through the requests that are being made to find the one pulling the field (Industry) you need.

      Once you have that, this REST API tutorial shows how you can authenticate and make API calls: bit.ly/tutorial_rest


        Thanks for the fast response!

        …accessing the Industry Drop Down from the Sugar web interface…yes and no…our company reps that maintain the account data are able to access the Industry Drop Down from the web interface. I work on Java Swing applications that retrieve 99% of the account data via Java/SQL APIs into the MySql tables. I was looking to read the Industry Numbers and Descriptions from the MySql tables but couldn’t find that data. A colleague though it might be readable using a REST API.

        Thank you for the tutorial document — I will try that early next week – have a great weekend 🙂