New video! Use Vagrant to start coding with Sugar in 20 minutes

Lauren Schaefer —  October 3, 2017

Do you need to set up your Sugar development environment but only have 20 minutes to spare?  With the help of Vagrant, I’ve got you covered. Check out my new video below:


Prefer text-based instructions?  Get them here.

Lauren Schaefer


Lauren is a developer advocate for SugarCRM. She's an experienced software engineer, inventor, international speaker, and leader of an online community of 11,000 people. Also, she loves the color pink.

7 responses to New video! Use Vagrant to start coding with Sugar in 20 minutes


    very well explained, thanks.
    Just one question, would you not also setup Elastic Search on your development environment?

    Lauren Schaefer October 12, 2017 at 7:14 am

    The Vagrant box comes with Elasticsearch already on it. If you want to set up everything from scratch, you could. The OSX Development Environment guide ( walks through how to set up everything from scratch.


    I agree that this is great. Thanks.

    I know that you guys have a Packer repo to help build the Vagrant boxes. (

    Do you happen to have any packer resources for building images for other platforms? For example, I’d like to have my team access a Sugar-compliant stack on AWS or Digital Ocean.


      No, not at the moment. Though you could adapt what I’ve built to produce AWS images. Packer supports this. Some internal teams use Docker containers that we may publish in future. I think these are a bit more portable too.



    i am also agree for this statement what you have been posting in this blog ,

    so thanks for this posting ,


    mansi desai


    It did not work for me in 20 minutes, rather took about 20 hours. I’ve been given our company Vagrant image, but each time I did “vagrant up” it was downloading stuff for hours literally, take into account few problems that required restart (like VirtualBox memory limit change, VPN connection, vagrant addons missing) it literally took me two days to get it up. And even then just restarting it in the morning takes about 40 minutes (if everything goes right), probably due our company VPN not being that fast.

    I ended up installing apache/redis/php/mysql/sugar manually in a chrooted environment, took less time to figure and startup takes a couple of seconds now.