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Here is another guest post from Shijin Krishna from BHEA Technologies.

When a user logs into Sugar 7, an OAuth access token (with a 1 hour timeout by default) and a refresh token (with a 2 week timeout by default) are returned. When the access token expires, Sugar will automatically retrieve another access token as long as the refresh token is valid. This allows a user to use a Sugar browser tab for days on end without having to log back in.

Automated notification requests are made to the server on the user’s behalf at a default interval of every 5 minutes. These requests will allow the current session to remain active without actual user input. So tracking user activity by adjusting access token and refresh token expiry time or tracking network activity alone is not a good idea.

In this blog we are going to explore a way to track a user’s true idle time based on actual user interface activity. For example, one or more of clicks, typing, mouse movements etc. To track a user’s idle time we will use the JQuery IdleTimeout plugin.

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Here is another guest post from Shijin Krishna from BHEA, an Elite SugarCRM Partner!

Notes is a common module used to track ad hoc information within Sugar. Sugar Enterprise customers that use the Customer Self-Service Portal will notice that comments logged in that system appear as Notes within Sugar.  So making sure there are not any unread Notes can be important daily task for these users. But how do you know if you have viewed each Note already?

In this post we are going to explore how we can add Read and Unread statuses to the Notes module.

This idea is taken from the Sugar Notifications Module which also comes out of the box with Sugar. Basically we will have a new field type styled with Bootstrap labels. The Notes status field will be highlighted with a green label if it has been read and a red label if it is unread.

This new field will be available for Record, List and Subpanel List views. The status will automatically change to Read when any Sugar user opens and views a Note. Notes created through Customer Self-Service Portal will be marked Unread while those created in Sugar by regular Sugar users will be marked as Read.  However, Sugar users will also be provided the option to toggle this status by clicking the viewed status label.

We will also provide mass update functionality to update the status of many selected notes all at once!  Whew!

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Here is a guest post from Shijin Krishna from BHEA, an Elite SugarCRM Partner, and active member of the Sugar Developer community.

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In this post we are going to see how we can add a quick create pop-up view for related modules in record view. This idea is taken from Sugar Portal which comes with Sugar Enterprise, Ultimate and Corporate editions. Sugar Portal’s detail view for Bugs and Cases modules includes an action to add a note to the bug or case. In this post, we are going to see how we can create a similar quick create pop up on the base Sugar 7 web client which will be shown at the click of a button. Continue Reading…