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Where will you be on September 26th at 1:00pm Pacific Time? If you are a Sugar Developer then you better be in San Francisco, the City By the Bay, at the Hilton Union Square!

The annual UnCon is the top rated event at SugarCon because of the in-depth technical content, knowledgable speakers, and our enthusiastic developer and admin community.  This is a unique event where you get an incredible level of access to the development teams and decision makers that build our products and platforms.

Essential to the success of UnCon is input from the Sugar Developer and Administrator community! We are just over 90 days away so planning is well underway. Now is the time to provide your input on the content presented at UnCon.

Please fill out this very short on question survey. This will help us focus the event on the types of content that you want to see.

UnCon 2017 Theme Survey


Fill out the UnCon 2017 Theme Survey!


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Based on Sugar Developer community feedback, we have an additional update about the CreateActionsView changes in Sugar 7.7.

CreateActions migration script added to Sugar 7.7 Upgrader

During Sugar 7.7 upgrade, the upgrader will identify existing create-actions view/layout customizations and automatically migrate them to create view/layout.  This is a best effort migration that follows the two steps listed near bottom of this blog post.

If a custom create view/layout already exists, then create-actions changes will not be automatically migrated.

This will mitigate impact of this change for existing Sugar customers.

Greetings Sugar Developers!

Are you coming to SugarCon this year?  We hope so!  But even if you are not, we’d still love to hear from you.

We would like to gather information from as many Sugar Developers as possible to make sure this year’s UnCon caters to the needs of the Sugar Developer community… in more ways than one!  This feedback is essential to us as we plan for UnCon.  Most importantly, this survey is how we are gathering preliminary feedback on discussion topics and exercises that Sugar Developers want to see at UnCon.  So please feel free to share as much or as little information as you’d like.

To fill out the Developer Survey, please visit the UnCon minisite and click on the big green link on the right that says “Developer Survey”.

Many of you have asked, and now it’s here 🙂

Jerry Clark and the documentation team have been hard at work getting the updated developer guide together. There’s lots of great stuff in here around the new UI and APIs in 7, such as…

  • Working with sidecar views, layouts, and routes
  • Backwards compatibility mode for Sugar 6.x modules
  • Examples of how to use the new REST API

Expect more examples and content to be coming, and definitely let us know how it looks and what more info you need in the comments below.

As we pass into the Fall here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are beginning to look at changes we are proposing to make to our platform matrix going forward. These changes we feel are inline with current trends out there, and will make it much easier to build a stable, secure, and modern product going forward.

First off, we want to remove support for PHP 5.2 and add support for PHP 5.4. This to us is a no brainer, as PHP 5.2 is no longer supported by and has several known security holes. In addition, the new language features in 5.3 and 5.4 will enable us to improve the underlying code quality.

The other change we want to do is remove support for Internet Explorer 8. IE is nearly 3.5 years old, and has been completely replaced on the market by IE 9 ( which was released 18 months ago ). We are seeing fewer and fewer IE 8 users these days, and for those on Windows XP both Firefox and Chrome provide excellent substitutes.

We are definitely looking for feedback on this change, which at the earliest would take place on new versions of Sugar coming out later in Q4 this year and into next year. Sound off in the comments with your feedback on the changes.

Since the beginning of SugarForge back in 2005, we’ve crowned a SugarForge POTM ( project of the month ) each month to recognize the most outstanding and innovative add-ons, plugins, and extensions created by our vast Sugar community. It has also been a showcase of how extensive the Sugar platform is, helping provide ideas on new ways to build SugarCRM to solve the various needs of the users it serves. As many of you have noticed, the POTM has been on a bit of a hiatus lately as previous Community Manager Jason Nassi has passed on the reins to me and I am working on re-invigorating our community. That changes today, as we are going to bring back the POTM for July.

I’d like to make the POTM selection process a more open process to reflect our more open approach to community. So I’d like to open up the floor for nominations for the POTM from now until Thursday at 12:00am midnight PT, and then Friday I’ll throw up another post on this blog where you can vote for one of the nominated projects to be the July POTM. There’s just a few criteria a project must meet in order to be POTM.

  • The project must be an active one, meaning the author must be supporting it and it must work properly with the current version of SugarCRM ( version 6.2.0 )
  • The project itself must not have been a POTM previously.
  • The project must be freely available from SugarForge.

If you have a project to nominate, please post it in the comments below, let us know on Twitter, or email me. Thanks everyone for your support!


With the demise of the SugarCRM wiki last fall, many felt that we had lost some of the most valuable content on the internals of SugarCRM. While none of it is lost ( we have it all backed safely ) we do not have public access to the content, mostly because it was very much out of date and often times the information was incorrect based upon how current versions do things. But still, it is a resource lost…

I’ve used this very blog over the last 6 months or so as a platform for that content, bring the best discussions and solutions out of the forums for the community to be able to find much more easily. While we are finalizing plans for our future documentation, we’ll continue to have blog posts highlight what’s new and interesting for those building on the Sugar platform.

With that said, this blog is all about you as a developer and community member of SugarCRM. And we want to know what topics interest you that you’d like to see us tackle. Sound off in the comments belows or message us on Twitter with ideas on topics we should cover in this blog. And thanks again for all of your support and feedback!