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This blog will the first in a two part series on building Charts components for Sugar 7. This post is targeted at beginner to intermediate Sugar Developers who want to learn how to build their first Chart component.

This post assumes some basic knowledge of Sugar 7 development, Sugar 7 administration, JavaScript, and PHP.  This information should be useful to anyone who has an interest in Sugar 7 development.

The examples in this post were created on an out-of-the-box installation of Sugar Professional  But this technique should work on any on-premise Sugar 7 instance.


You may have noticed that a number of out of the box dashlets and views contain various fancy charts and visualizations.  This is possible because Sugar has a charting component build into it.  You can make use of this to display charts within your own custom dashlets, views or layouts.

In this post, we will focus on the “LineChart” type. There are other chart types that use different data formats and chart options but the general techniques covered here will work for all chart types.  These examples were implemented in a basic custom view but they will also work within dashlets.

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You may have seen that that Sugar 7.8 has now been released! We have introduced some important platform updates in this release. Have you read the developer release notes yet? Here are three additional and essential resources for you to use before you embark on new Sugar 7.8 projects.

Sugar 7.8 Migration Guide

The Migration Guide for Sugar 7.8 is an essential resource for any Sugar Developer upgrading a customer from Sugar 7.7.x. The guide will help you identify code and platform changes that you need to make in order to ensure that you can upgrade your code and customers successfully.

Sugar 7.8 Unit Tests

The Sugar Unit Tests repository has been updated with our unit test suites for Sugar 7.8. This is an essential resource for ensuring that your Sugar 7.8 custom code is working correctly and hasn’t introduced regressions within Sugar core code. Remember that you need to sign up for access to the Sugar test repositories.

Sugar 7.8 Overview for Sugar Developers

We delivered a recorded webinar that is now available in the Developer space in the Sugar Community. This is a great way to get immediate understanding about the new platform features and changes that were introduced in Sugar 7.8. The presentation slides are also available in the community.

Important security changes in Sugar 7.8

As we near the release of Sugar 7.8, we wanted to update the Sugar Developer community on a couple of important security changes that are coming in this release.

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Alex Vlasov is an experienced Sugar Developer and contractor that works on the SugarCRM Engineering platform team. In this post, Alex shares advice to Sugar Developers for preparing their Sugar customizations for PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.

The Sugar team has been preparing core Sugar code for PHP 5.6 and PHP 7 support with an eye on deprecating support for older PHP versions. This means there are some actions that the Sugar Developer community needs to take in order to prepare their code for latest versions of PHP.

Summary of core Sugar app changes

In order to support newer versions of PHP, we made some changes to internal core classes that Sugar Developers need to know about. Many of these changes were made in Sugar 7.7.1 when we added PHP 5.6 support. Other changes outlined below are in upcoming Sugar releases.

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Upgrading our Backbone

Have you done some Sidecar programming lately? Then you have been using Backbone. Backbone is the err… backbone of Sidecar. It provides all the base MVC classes which are extended by Sidecar to create the Sugar 7 UI. For example, all Sidecar controllers (Views, Layouts, Fields) extend from the Backbone View class.

Ultimately, a solid background in Backbone programming will turn you into a Sidecar wizard in no time.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.12.50 AM

All Sidecar controllers, such as the Record View controller,  extends from the Backbone View class

But if you are a Backbone aficionado then you might have noticed that Sugar 7.7 and earlier versions uses an old version of Backbone (specifically Backbone 0.9.10). We have been missing out on bug fixes and miscellaneous feature improvements. So for Sugar 7.8 we will be moving to Backbone 1.2.3.  Since Backbone.js has a hard dependency on Underscore.js, we will also upgrade the Underscore library from 1.4.4 to 1.8.3.

All Sugar Developers should check out the Backbone changelog and the Underscore changelog to see if their code customizations could be impacted by this long overdue library upgrade.

Read on to learn more about some adjustments you need to make to your Sugar code.

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Hey Sugar 7 Developers!

I wanted to make sure the community is aware of our planned refactor of the Sugar 7 Record view in Sugar 7.8.  The main point of the refactor is to move the Record view header pane out of the scrollable DIV that it is inside today.

Open up your browser’s developer tools and inspect the the HTML of a Sugar 7 Record view.  Notice that .headerpane DIV element that contains the header is actually inside the left-hand side .main-pane DIV?  This main pane can scroll up and down and contains the record view and subpanels.

Notice the location of the headerpane DIV in the Sugar 7.5 Record view HTML screenshot

Notice the location of the .headerpane DIV in this Sugar 7.5 Record view HTML screenshot

However!  If you scroll the Record view, the header pane does not move at all.  This is because we use some CSS trickery to stick it to top of the page under the Sugar 7 application main menu.  Unfortunately this has not worked consistently on all browsers and there has been a variety of bugs.

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